Once again, we have good reasons to celebrate in eHidra! We like celebrating good news, especially when they are about new members joining our team, since it means that we keep growing as web development, marketing and new technologies professionals. Today, we want to welcome two new members: Ada y Jorge. They have burst onto the scene by taking an active role and becoming part of the team, because we all work together as a team in eHidra. That’s the key to our success.

Certainly, today they are our protagonists. Ada, who is from Sevilla, pursued her studies in Journalism at the University of Sevilla and she has worked for the local TV channels Giralda Televisión and SFC Televisión, the Spanish newspaper El Mundo as well as the Fnac Communication Cabinet. Now that she has finished her Master’s Degree in Social Media and Online Marking by the Sevilla Chamber of Commerce, she will discover the world of SEO positioning, marketing strategies and social networks by becoming part of our Online Marketing team.

Ada, equipo de marketing online

Ada, Online Marketing team.

We also want to introduce Jorge to you. In this case, his professional profile is different. He studied a Degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Sevilla and worked in Everis, a multinational consulting firm.. After that, he went to England, where he was working for two years. Now, he is back in Spain and he has directly landed in our offices. So, another member has joined our team in this case to work together with our staff in the web development department.

Jorge, nuevo integrante del departamento de desarrollo web

Jorge, new member in the web development department.

Our team is getting bigger and bigger. We love having new colleagues who contribute fresh ideas and work along with us in each and every of our projects. Definitely, we leave the way open because we are sure that new talents will join us soon.