What’s Petrol Prices?

Petrol Prices is the most important petrol prices comparison tool in the United Kingdom. It offers the cheapest price among 11,000 different petrol stations, having approximately 8,000 daily updates and 2.0 million active users.

In that way, you can be up to date on petrol stations having the lowest prices for a given type of petrol within a selected area. Moreover, this tool let users customize their newsletter so that they can receive automatic e-mail alerts.

What are the reasons for its success?

Petrol Prices
One of the reasons, if not the most important one, is that the UK has no free market petrol prices. That’s to say, petrol prices aren’t published in any official public record. In Spain, these prices are published so we can find many apps which help us to find the best petrol station.

On this basis, Fubra Limited came up with the idea of keeping an updated database containing information on the different types of petrol and their prices in the main UK stations. In fact, Petrol Prices even offers reliable data from the day before your request. Therefore, users can be constantly informed.

What other services does Petrol Prices offer?

Petrol Prices is also a complete motoring guide:

  1. It offers information and advice on parking, security, car rental, car maintenance, car buying and selling, etc.
  2. Besides, it allows its users to be informed about automobile insurance since it offers a guide to UK insurance providers, comparing these providers’ advantages and disadvantages.
  3. It can also be founded information on oil industry, the main fuel suppliers, oil refining process and the oil future.
  4. Petrol Prices is also committed to the environment. Therefore, it promotes a more ecofriendly driving by informing its users about more ecofriendly means of transport. Also, it gives advice on how to reduce pollution and offers information on the existing renewable energy sources.

Petrol Prices has its own blog with approximately 600 posts where you can read about any current issue related to motoring.

Finally, it also has to be noted that the Petrol Prices mobile app is available for Android and Apple, which makes access to information easier.