What is it?

ClearBooks is an international accounting software launched in the United Kingdom in 2008. It also offers now the possibility of producing payslips and managing other human resources related issues, such as holidays, time devoted to a given project…

This online software is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, accountants and self-employed people wishing to manage their finances on their own in a quicker, easier and safer way.

Why use ClearBooks?

Its main characteristic is the variety of automated actions which, together with its intuitive interface, makes accounting a lot easier for those people who don’t have deep knowledge on this issue.

Another of its great advantages is security. They work hard on making servers storing users’ personal details more secure, as well as offering weekly backup copies.

All of this, combined with an excellent customer service and an affordable, monthly payment scheme, makes ClearBooks one of the highest rated cloud software in the United Kingdom.

ClearBooks is currently offering a 30-day free trial, with no need credit card required. Moreover, many resources can be found on its website, such as videos, podcasts, as well as useful guides to clear up any doubt that may arise when using this tool.

How is eHidra connected to ClearBooks?

As it has been previously pointed out, Clearbooks was launched in the United Kingdom, although it is already also available in Holland and, thanks to eHidra , it will be soon in Spain too!

While our web developers are adapting ClearBooks to the Spanish fiscal rules and accounting standards, our marketing team is working hard to prepare the website and blog, create social media profiles and… make this tool known at national level shortly!

Did you know about ClearBooks? What is your opinion? Go ahead and share your opinion with us!