These days, there are many concepts related to the world of marketing, such as Link Building, SEO, SEM, web analytics, email marketing, PPC… However, there is a key concept, especially on the digital field, which is Content Marketing. But, what is it and why should it be part of your sales and product promotion strategy?

Content Marketing is part of the overall Inbound Marketing concept and it entails understating clients’ needs and fulfilling them, offering them what they need in the most convenient way. However, to make it easier, it can be said that Content Marketing consists in providing useful and relevant information according to clients’ needs. Therefore, the first step is to know perfectly our clients: who they are, what they think, what they are worried about, how they face problems…and the most important characteristic: how our product could satisfy our clients’ needs.

Here we have the first advantage resulting from following a solid content strategy as part of our marketing plan which is having a deep knowledge of clients. This will enable us to generate useful contents for them.

When generating interesting content, you won’t only get useful content for users, but you will also get them frequently visiting your blog and website to access content they are passionate about.

On the other hand, Content Marking doesn’t simply mean writing posts in a blog, but there are also a variety of formats available which allow to create more appealing and impressive content than the competition’s ones. Videos, images, infographics, podcasts and webinars are some examples. This will provide added value to our community, tired of always accessing content in the same format.

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El marketing de contenidos es el mejorar aliado para el SEO

Finally, something of vital importance which will convince you of doing Content Marketing is visibility improvement (SEO). This is another marketing related word that you may have already heard and you will have in mind if you are considering creating a website or blog. If so, you will have to deal with fierce rivals trying to rank better until being among the first search engine results. To this end, you will need some tricks. Can I tell you a secret? Content Marketing is what you are looking for.

The best option to get our website ranking higher is creating good quality content: it must be original and include your business keywords . Also, it shouldn’t be copied from other websites or you will be penalized by Google. It is important to stress the keyword issue since we have read some posts which seem to be written by robots. We need to use our business or brand keywords, but it is even more important to include them as part of a story: the well-known storytelling format.

If you know your clients, then you are inside their minds: you know the stories they love, the format they prefer and how to display information for them to like it. That is all you need.

Nowadays, there are many sales strategies based on different market researches, rankings, neuromarketing…But as it was once said “Content is King”. Therefore, grab pen and paper and let your imagination run free. After all, that is also content marketing.