What is it?

AffJet development started in 2010 when the idea of developing an internal system for Fubra Limited emerged. It was developed by Carlos Morillo Merino during his Leonardo Da Vinci internship in England. This software would allow an easy and efficient monitoring of income derived from advertising on its more than 100 websites. AffJet was the solution to a long-lasting problem: the necessity of being aware of the total income coming from advertising through the so called Affiliate Networks, as well as analysing data and implementing strategies to boost sales and, as a consequence, income too.

Affiliate Networks?

Affiliate Networks handle relationships between website publishers and advertisers. Being also referred to as Partner Networks, these companies enable enterprises to establish affiliate programmes and ensure transparency. Apart from the relationship management, Affiliate Networks usually provide the technology and tools needed to run those affiliate programmes. Affiliate Networks allow merchants to access profitable advertising and web publishing.

An Affiliate Network is an online advertising system which enables enterprises to advertise themselves on others’ websites and blogs without needing to pay for the advert. However, affiliated merchants have to pay website publishers for sales generated due to the advert on their website. For example, a webmaster places a banner advert from a given merchant in its website. Every time a visitor clicks on the banner to buy something on the advertiser’s site, the webmaster will receive a percentage of the sale. If visitors don’t click on the advert or buy something on the site, the webmaster will receive no money at all.

Some examples of Affiliate Networks:

The key to success of Affiliate Networks is the online merchants’ ability to easily find websites with high traffic where visitors are willing to buy something on the advertiser’s site.

Affiliate Networks frequently manage payments to webmasters. Merchants deposit money into the bank account held by the Affiliate Network. Affiliate Networks keep an up to date traffic and sales record to be able to pay directly to webmasters. Since they count on third-party subsidiaries, the programme results monitoring guarantee payments to webmasters. Participants can always rely on their Affiliate Network.

What does AffJet do?

AffJet gathers this information and generates all kind of reports, charts and utilities for the correct data analysis and segmentation. Consequently, the generated transactions cycle can be monitored. Nowadays, it runs over 100 Affiliate Networks and programmes and it is used by tens of enterprises from all over the world.