Christmas is coming. Christmas is that special time of year in which we can enjoy the festive atmosphere on the streets as well as meet again our friends and family. Without a doubt, it is time to forget about job and make the most of these days to be with our loved ones. However ‘Christmas’ is also synonym for ‘shopping’ and ‘presents’ since Santa Claus is visiting us soon. While some people feel enthusiastic about it, others may get stressed when asking Santa for their family and friends’ presents. If you are feeling lost, eHidra can give you a hand: we suggest you the best tech gifts for this Christmas. Don’t miss it!

  • Electric Scooter
  • Move around the city in a quick and convenient way and be the first one in arriving to places by using an electric scooter. It is a fact that it may be expensive but it is really useful for those people who are always late.

  • Go Pro Camera
  • Recording every moment you experience while skiing, parachuting, bungee jumping or surfing huge waves is no longer a problem. This is the perfect present for those people who love extreme sports to be able to remember their greatest deeds. Besides, you will find a wide range of many different types and models in the market.

  • Virtual Reality Glasses
  • This Christmas, offer new experiences and fun and the opportunity to travel to any place in the world and to embark in new adventures in first person by giving as a present some virtual reality glasses. This is an original affordable gift which will surprise anyone.

  • Drone
  • There are both drones for children and adults. The ones for adults allow you to record videos, capture images from the air, fly them up to 300m of the ground and perform aerial acrobatics with them. They come in all shapes and colours and they have different functions. It is a fact that the drone world is worth to be explored and that there is a wide range of them available.

  • Educational Robot
  • And for the youngest ones in the family, educational games such as Zowi are the best option. With this robot, children will learn by using technology and will be able to dismantle and rebuild it as many times as they wish, as well as to control it by means of its app.

  • Power Bank
  • This is the perfect gift for that friend who gets anxious every time his mobile phone runs out of charge when not at home. Apart from being a really cheap present, there are some funny designed power banks such as the ones offered by Mr Wonderful or those available for sale in Regalador.

  • Keyfinder
  • There may be in your family or in your group of friends that kind of people who are always losing their keys. If that’s the case, they will feel happy to receive this present. Finding them won’t be a problem anymore thanks to the keyfinder that Santa will bring them.

    When it comes to technology, the list could be endless. However, we are sure that if you choose any of the presents we suggest, no one will be left indifferent and yours will be the best gifts. Do you already know which one you will be choosing for this Christmas?