Do you think that social networks actually reflect user’s reality? Or are they just a reflection of simple expectations or the greatest example of that saying which goes “tell me what you brag about and I’ll tell you what you lack”? While this is an interesting issue, it also causes controversy, since there are conflicting opinions about this question.

Many users are completely hooked on social networks. That is to say, they use social networks to express their feelings and emotions, share life events, wish their friends well… Social networks are meant to share, that is for sure, because it is users’ stories what give life to social networks. However, do all these stories reflect reality? It is when it comes to those daily shared images and stories that we stop to think about that expectation vs reality controversy. Also, something as important as privacy comes into play: should we be sharing our life that much in social networks?

If there is a common denominator in all social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, it is that users usually share the happiest moments in their life. Optimistic statuses, lovely photographs with friends and family… However, it may just reflect the person behind a Facebook profile’s wish. Maybe, that person who writes some special words on his partner’s wall every single day never does it when they have a date or they see each other; or that person who always seems to wake up happy and wishes everyone to have a good day is an unhappy, pessimistic person.

But, why does this happen? What leads us to show a completely different version of our real self? Today’s society is deeply influenced by what other people may think, so people feel the need to always present a perfect image of them. We are constantly worried about how people perceive us or what they think about us, instead of trying to discover who we are. If there is something that we can say about this, it is that you shouldn’t pretend to be a different person since you may forget who you truly are.