Inbound Marketing goes far beyond Content Marketing. In fact, the latter is a basic pillar of the former.

Inbound marketing is about attraction and it consists in adopting different techniques and strategies to attract prospects to your business. Using intrusive practices, such as spamming and publicity, is quite the opposite.

Inbound Marketing is based on three basic pillars: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO, but here we will focus on the benefits that companies applying Inbound Marketing strategies get.

1. Cost Cutting

When it comes to business, this is the most important benefit. Why? Because customers acquisition and retention costs are reduced. This is measured by calculating the CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), taking into account all expenses incurred to attract customers: publicity, marketing, sales agents’ salaries… Good content ranking high on search engines has a more lasting effect than advertising campaigns.

2. Customers become promoters

Indoubd Marketing emerges because customers’ role nowadays is nothing like it used to be. The Internet is an incredible place where to find and compare products. But it is even more than that: users can share their opinion about the product, its quality, treatment received… These opinions and recommendations may influence other customers. Today’s customers aren’t loyal to traditional products, they want something else. That is why you should offer experiences apart from your products or services. In this way, customers’ loyalty will increase and they will recommend you.

And you may be wondering: “Fine, but what do those experiences refer to?”. Giving an example is the easiest way to explain it. Let’s say that you own a mobile phone selling business: you can offer mobile reviews, unboxing videos, comparisons, apps advising, raffles on social media, ask your community to share photographs taken with their mobile phones…

Inbound Marketing: First help, then sell

Inbound Marketing: First help, then sell

3. Brand image enhancement

By creating quality content and implementing effective SEO and social media strategies, we can boost our business visibility on the Internet. Therefore, we will be perceived as experts in our sector.

4. Sales increase

This is a direct consequence of the previous benefit. Adopting an effective SEO strategy will improve your business visibility, getting your website on the first page of Google results. As this InboundCycle research showed, only 4.8% of users click through to the second page, and only 1.1% of them to the third one.

Indoubd Marketing actually works, but its results appear over the long run so you must be patient, persistent and stay up to date with the latest Inbound Marketing trends.