More and more businesses are diving into the digital world. This is not only due to the new way of publicising goods or services, but also to the fact that Internet has become a crucial factor for businesses success. Online visibility and the possibility of buying products online or obtaining advice through social media have become popular sale strategies which have even replaced the most conventional ones. However, Digital Marketing offers many other benefits. Do you want to discover the benefits of Digital Marketing for your business?

1. If you’re not online, then you don’t exist!

You may have heard many times that if you’re not online, you don’t exist. Although this may not be entirely true, it is a fact that consumer and promotion trends have changed. Therefore, if customers can’t find our product on Google, they would rather buy it to our competitors than going find our physical store.

2. Pay only for real customers

euro-870757_1280-300x200How much was it to put an advert in a newspaper? Was there any guarantee that potential customers were seeing that advert? Online advertising is more effective when it comes to guarantee that our advertising investment will generate profits. For example, by using Google Adwords , we will only pay when our advert is clicked. As to Facebook and Twitter ADS, we will set the daily budget we are willing to spend. Therefore, exorbitant advertising fees on conventional media are now a thing of the past.

3. Gain a deeper understanding of your customers

Knowing our targeted audience is a basic principle of Digital Marketing. As a result, we will get content aimed at specific audiences; a good market analysis; studies on potential customers by using different tools, such as empathy maps; effective audience targeted advertising campaigns… In short, knowing who our audience is and what their needs are is crucial.

4. Online Advertising is more economical and effective than conventional advertising

Whether it is a campaign on Google Adwords, ADS on social networks or display advertising (banners), online advertising is more economical than conventional advertising. But we will not only save money, but it is also more affective. Why? Although there are several reasons, the most important ones are that: we have a targeted audience, we can launch audience targeted advertising campaigns and it is possible to measure outcomes and to find out the exact percentage of effectiveness. When using conventional advertising, this is impossible since you can’t measure how many people are listening to a radio advert but you can measure how many people is clicking on a Facebook advert.

5. Self-knowledge

modern-technologies-1263422_1280-300x200Another basic principle of Digital Marketing is having a perfect knowledge of our own business so that we can take advantage of those special characteristics which differentiate our business from the competition. Thanks to self-knowledge, we will not only get to know what makes us different from competition, but we will also discover what we are doing wrong. In consequence, we will be able to change our sale and promotion strategies when it is necessary. Being aware of what is working in our business and what is not is crucial to be able to offer our customers the best of us.

6. Measuring, measuring, measuring

If there is something especially important in Digital Marketing, it is measuring: measuring our outcomes and finding our strengths and weaknesses out in order to implement solid strategies.

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