Hello, everyone! It is always a pleasure to keep you informed about what is happening in our offices. Today we want to tell you that we have had a visit. As you are already aware, eHidra is involved in both national and international projects. One of these projects that we are currently working on is Petrol Prices, a UK fuel prices comparison tool which you may have already heard about. And indeed, it is Petrol Prices what has made Jason Lloyd’s visit to our offices possible.

Jason Lloyd, current Petrol Prices UK’s managing director, has visited our offices to meet some eHidra members working with him on the same project. At this point, three of our web developers are working on it: Anabel Almeda, David Delgado and Carlos Morillo, our CEO. But also our colleague Jorge Serrano, currently based in Barcelona, is part of this project.

During these three days, some technical improvements on Petrol Prices have been initiated. We have started working in new functions development and site optimization, whose new format release will take place in a week. Our two key principles, effort and efficiency, have become evident these days when our members have been working hand in hand with Jason Lloyd on Petrol Prices.

Certainly, it is an advantage to have the opportunity to count on a work team abroad made up of real professionals such as Jason Lloyd, since we can learn from them and receive their visit to work together. We hope Jason has found both working and staying with us worthy. We hope to see you back in Spain soon!