Does beBee ring your bell? Have you heard about it and its hives? Don’t you have a clue about what we are referring to? Don’t worry. Keep on reading and you will be up to date with this new social network named beBee.

As we have already revealed, beBee is a new Spanish social network whose funders describe as an affinity social network. If you have had a look at its site, it may have reminded you of LinkedIn. However, there are many differences.

Introduction to beBee

What catches your attention when accessing beBee for the first time, it is its hives, which are nothing more than interest groups. As soon as you sign up, you will have to choose those hives you are interested in: they can be professional (administrative officers, lawyers…), personal or hobby hives.

The most notable difference with LinkedIn is that beBee doesn’t only focus on people’s professional profile. Moreover, there aren’t so many high profiles on beBee as on LinkedIn.

Users are called bees. If you are interested in other users, you don’t need to send friend requests: you just have to follow them, just like in Twitter.

Posts are known as buzzes. There is a “Like” option available as in Facebook but here it is called “Relevant”. When sharing others’ posts, they are shared exactly in the same way as the original post and your text will appear as a comment.

You will also find the “Jobs” tab where you can look for the most suitable job for you by using different filters. Both companies and users can advertise job vacancies and offer their services respectively with no need to pay for it.

Finally, “Home” and “Profile” sections are just like those in any other social networks. In the “Profile” section, you can add both public and non-public personal info. Buzzes, interest hives, similar bees, etc. appear in the “Home” page.

Differences with other social networks

beBee is a Spanish one-year-old social network. As can be noted, its main feature is that it is aimed to bring together users’ personal and professional profiles in just one social network. Its funder stated in an interview that it is an advertising-financed free social network and it always will be.

Should my company be on beBee?

It depends. From eHidra, we have always advised that you don’t have to be in all social networks but you’d rather identify those social networks that best suit your business needs. Therefore, you should analyse your target audience, their interests and which social media they are on. If beBee is one of them, of course, you should be on it!

What about you? Did you know beBee? What do you think about it? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment and share your opinion!