What is IES Fuente Álamo?

IES Fuente Álamo is located in Puente Genil. It is a state secondary school with 170 students who reside in nearby small villages or in the Miragenil neigbourhood. The recently named IES Fuente Álamo is closely tied to the history of Puente Genil, so much so that its emblem consists of one of the most renowned symbols in Fuente Álamo, a stunning hispano-roman village in our town: The Three Graces.

IES Fuente Álamo is firmly committed to providing comprehensive training and giving personalised attention to every student. In addition, this school centre shows a strong commitment to teamwork, innovative education projects development and content updating by implementing its official website, together with a great deal of enthusiasm and optimism.

Why a new website?

Is there a better way to make a school centre idiosyncrasy public than by launching its own website? In fact, a website is an easy-to-manage educational tool, as well as the education community members’ meeting point. Being committed to the ICT use in Education, IES Fuente Álamo aims to project an updated, professional image at the forefront of the latest education and technology trends.

In addition, a new website gives the centre a unique identity. Most of all, it offers students, teachers and parents the opportunity to interact and to benefit from joint engagement. Consequently, it will be the most suitable space to share new content and to express doubts or launch enquiries.

What has eHidra provided IES Fuente Álamo with?

We have worked really hard at eHidra to get the best results and we believe that we have achieved them. Having started by migrating content from Joomla to WordPress -a flexible, adaptable and manageable content management system – we managed to implement technical and design improvements. These are some of those improvements:

  • First, a modern and responsive customised theme.
  • Secondly, greater online visibility due to WordPress SEO plugin, which improves search engine ranking-presence.
  • Multilingual
  • Also, a new and attractive design in the “School Centre Projects” section thanks to WordPress WooCommerce plugin.
  • In addition, social media, such as Twitter and Youtube, integrated into the website.
  • Finally, an easy, dynamic and rapid update content management system.
  • We invite you to visit IES Fuente Álamo new website. We hope you enjoy it!