Omot is a system which allows users to advertise their business on a given website.

The name Omot comes from the word “promote”. At the moment, it is only on Fubra’s websites that users can place their adverts, such as the Airport Guides. They include the Heathrow Airport Guide, the Gatwick Airport Guide and the Manchester Airport Guide.

Also, users can advertise their business on World Airport Codes, a site with information on over 47,000 airports worldwide. Simply by publishing an advert on a specific airport site –whether Málaga Airport of New York JFK Airport–, it will be displayed to visitors searching for information about that airport.

How does Omot work?

It is quite simple. All you need to do is sign in Omot, choose a site, select a rate (TOP rate adverts have priority placement), fill in the advert fields (name, telephone, address, company logo) and proceed to check out. Then, administrators will validate entered data and will publish the advert on the chosen site.

Tools used

Stripe was used for developing the payment gateway. An alternative option was PayPal, which is more popular since Stripe was launched more recently (in 2009 while PayPal was launched in 1999). However, the Stripe API will allow us to implement these project requirements. Moreover, it allows to process charges on most credit cards, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Android Pay…

As was the case of, we decided to install Zend Framework 2 with Doctrine 2. And finally, as to the development environment, we used PHPStorm, which has become a common denominator in all our projects.