The blunder the FNAC Community Manager made has been on the spotlight during this week. He published by mistake a personal tweet on this important company Twitter account.


In just some seconds, it got thousands of retweets and mentions. Although he reacted quickly and deleted the tweet and apologized, it was too late. As a result, “CM de Fnac” became trending topic on Monday 6th June.

Obviously, it was due to the human error of mistaking the professional Twitter account for the personal one. This is a common mistake but, when it comes to important, well-known companies such as FNAC, reputation may be damaged.

How to avoid the FNAC Community Manager’s mistake?

1. Read carefully. This may sound quite obvious, but it isn’t. We often schedule Twitter updates without paying too much attention to time. Consequently, some tweets are published at midnight instead of at noon. The same could happen if we don’t pay attention to the account being used. We must pay special attention when using mobile and tablet apps, where it is more difficult to realise which account we are logged in.

2. Schedule updates to be published in some minutes. It may be difficult to do with our personal account, but it becomes really useful when managing different companies’ accounts. Therefore, we will have enough time to go over content and correct it if necessary.

3. Use different tools. Or different sessions for the same tool at least. In this way, it is impossible to confuse accounts and we will make sure that we are using the right one. Hootsuite, TweetDeck and Buffer are some of the most used social media management tools.

4. Use different devices, especially if you are one of those community managers constantly travelling to cover live events or being on the lookout for what’s happening on Web 2.0. Although several accounts will be still managed from the same device, since it is impossible to have a different device for each account, we are aware that we are dealing with work issues, which we must devote all our attention to.

Although many Twitter users were making fun of the FNAC Community Manager for hours, many others put themselves in his shoes and played the matter down, arguing that everyone makes mistakes. Have you ever used a wrong account when publishing a tweet?