With the advent of the Internet, electronic means and technology revolution, the web has become an attractive area for companies starting adopting new strategies to attract additional clients and to do business by taking advantage of online environment benefits. In that way, at the same time that new businesses are set up, new types of online shoppers are emerging. They don’t only surf the net, but also shop online or make online banking transactions.

Social media, and Facebook and Twitter in particular, have played an important role in the emergence of this online shopper new profile. Most online shoppers receive special offers on social networks or by email, or shop online due to sponsored posts (Facebook and Twitter Ads). Therefore, the Internet and social media have made an impact in consumption patterns, buying decision and methods of acquiring products and services.

Consequently, new types of online shoppers have arisen. Campgemin report “Digital Shopper Relevancy” identified 6 different types of online shoppers. Do you want to discover them? Then, keep on reading…


  • Occasional Online Shoppers
  • Occasional online shoppers shop online only occasionally. Their average age is 45 years and they use digital means to compare prices and track their orders. However, they don’t compare different products, nor do they use online offers since they usually buy in physical stores.

  • Digital Shopaholics
  • They are shopping addicts. Digital Shopaholics easily adapt to online shopping and they are the ones who buy the most online. The characteristic that differentiates them from other online shoppers is the fact that they enjoy experimenting new ways of purchasing, apps, mobile phones, technology in physical stores…

  • Rational Online Shoppers
  • They are more rational than digital shopaholics. While it is true that they are the second biggest online shoppers, rational online shoppers don’t look for online offers nor do they use apps. They make purchases on online shops, which are their favourite means to shop.

  • Value Seekers
  • They aren’t that much into online shopping. However, they are liable to take advantage of online offers and they usually compare prices and products online, looking for the best deals.


  • Techno-Shy Shoppers
  • Do you look for the product you need, compare different prices, but then buy it in physical stores? Then, you are a techno-shy shopper. The main characteristic of this group is that they are reluctant to online purchases. Although they check products online, as well as their features and different prices, they go buy it in physical stores.

  • Social Digital Shoppers
  • They are usually under 35 and active users of social media. They share pictures and videos, follow their favourite major brands in social networks… They mostly shop online and they usually use apps to save and buy products, which distinguishes them from other online shoppers