Since Google algorithm is constantly changing, community managers responsible for creating content are forced to adapt parameters and keep learning how to improve content and SEO. To help them do so, there are plugins such as Yoast SEO which make optimised content creation easier. Yoast SEO 3.3 new update includes new useful features. Do you want to discover them?

The most significant upgrade is content analysis. This change entails a challenge for users, who must create higher quality content. Therefore, you can find the content tab next to the optimization tab. Apart from making you aware of the mistakes you have made, Yoast SEO will advise you on how to improve your content.

What does Yoast SEO 3.3 assess?

  • Sentence length: the shorter the sentence, the better.
  • Paragraphs length: clearly defined paragraphs.
  • Subheading use: at least once.
  • Passive voice use: Advisable
  • Transition words use (besides, because, in other words…)
  • Readability: readable format

Additionally, Yoast SEO also includes a notification tab showing information on your site SEO. In this tab, you will also discover how to improve your site and solve problems. For sure, this tab will become one of your best allies.

By learning how to create quality content counting on the assistance of Yoast SEO, you will also manage to create readable content meeting Google SEO specifications.

So go for it, update Yoast SEO, follow its recommendations and join the challenge of creating quality content!