ICTs have changed our lifestyle. For most people, it is unconceivable to live without a mobile phone to unlock every 5 minutes to check Whatsapp messages or to take pictures to be instantly sent to our contacts. But we should wonder whether this unstoppable technological progress only brings benefits or related problems such as technostress may undermine society too.

The labour market is one of the spheres which have been significantly affected by new technologies. Employees are directly affected because they are subjected to an exhausting use of ICTs. As a result, they become the perfect aim of technostress, already known as the digital era new psychopathology.

Technostress: This new type of work-related stress which emerges as a result of new technologies. It could be defined as the inability to make a proper, beneficial use of ICTs.

Technostress is already ranking high among occupational risks. Symptoms experienced are fatigue (technofatigue), insomnia or depression, technology rejection episodes (technoanxiety) or, on the contrary, impulsive, excessive use of them (technoaddiction).

But, how can we avoid that ICTs become a source of discomfort and constant irritability? First of all, companies should enhance employees’ role and set aside the use of ICTs. In this way, employees would be the ones making use of technology, and not the other way around. Also, it is essential to allow employees to take longer breaks. Enjoying moments of rest will increase productivity and become a significant protection factor. Finally, it has to be pointed out that relaxation techniques help reduce tension caused during an intense working day, as well as relax our body and mind.

Under these circumstances, it can be said that an awareness process seems to be necessary. It should be based in suggesting measures to prevent this type of work stress and place employees’ welfare before anything else.

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