Now that summeris here, we get excited with all the plans we have been making: travelling, beach, meeting friends… But then reality isn’t as similar to our plans as we expected. Due to high temperatures, we stay at home and spend summer afternoons without knowing what to do.

eHidra wants to help you enjoy summer afternoons so we have made a selection of best websites to…

To read, discover new series…during summer afternoons

If you have a Kindle, then you are in luck because Amazon offers many free Kindle books. Also, you can find novels, essays, tales…to download for free at La Casa del Libro.

Although Planeta Libro isn’t so popular, it is also quite interesting. This library contains over 9,000 public domain works to read in mobile phones, tablets or ebook readers. If you wish to discover new books, unknown authors share their works for free in Literanda.

If you have grown sick and tired of the same series, films, music, books…. then Tastekid will recommend you what to read or watch depending on your interests. Do you like Walking Dead? It won’t only provide related series, but also films, videogames and even music.

To discover curious facts

Do you know why your dog misses you when you are away? Why do you have to have the window blinds on planes up during take-off? The Internet is full of wonderful answers and stories and many websites compile this kind of information. These sites use catchy titles and easy-to-read, short stories to get you hooked. Sabías un dato and Batanga are some examples.

To have a good time

Viral videos, witty tweets, killingly funny stories, gifs, memes… There are numerous websites gathering the funniest stuff online. Cuánto Cabrón, Visto en las Redes and Tiene Wasa are among the most popular websites in Spain.

To get scared

To get frozen without turning the air conditioner on, you can check out those websites gathering paranormal stories, inexplicable phenomena and conspiracy theories. Despite the fact that many of them include fake stories, we can still find sites that take it seriously. Planeta Incógnito and Ufopolis are the most serious we have found.

To play games

Do you feel lazy to play WoW or LoL? Do you hate games which force to pass level after level to win? If you just want to have a good time, there are many websites gathering a huge range of online minigames. and are two examples. And if you miss the Classic Nokia Snake Game, don’t miss Slither. Slither is a multiplayer game where you have to kill other snakes to become the best player.

What do you think about this selection? Can you recommend us other websites to pass summer afternoons? Leave us a comment!