Who has not heard of Pokémon Go lately? The free application developed by Niantic and Nintendo is now available in Spain and can be downloaded from App Stores of Apple or from Play Store for Android. But, Did you know that using this application entails some disadvantages? Keep reading to know them…

You are being observed: the geolocation

Thanks to the GPS, our mobile phone will indicate us our geographic position in a real map. This way, we receive information about the Pokémon located near to us, however we are not only informed about the location of these fictional creature but also about the places where players habitually meet, such as “Pokémon Go Gyms” or “PokeStops”. This information is being used by criminal to commit crimes like thefts, or even to know if you are at home or not.

Moreover, Google takes our personal data and habits to create advertising campaign or to sell our personal information to other companies. So, even though you are not paying with money, you are paying with your own privacy. It is supposed that the information you give is as anonymous as possible, bui it depends on the Data Protection Act of each country.

Unpleasant billing surprises: micropayments in Pokémon Go and data usage

As you progress in the game, you will need different objects, such as Poke Balls, incense or lucky eggs. Which are consumed during the game, so you will need to replace them by paying through App Purchase to keep playing. Above all you must be careful with children because they can pay for it without realizing it. The price for the mentioned object is about 0.99€ to 99.99€.

To this should be added the data usage. If your data rate is just for using WhatsApp, start considering changing your data fee. Your data will be flown away because of:

1- Maps download. While we are walking, the game gets to downloading the Maps of the places we go through.

2- Server queries required to know the Pokémon posición.

3- Database queries to know your profile as Pokémon coach.

Run out of battery quite fast

To enjoy completely the Pokémon Go experience, our mobile phone will need to run a lot of applications at the same time, which will affect our battery. It will depend on the characteristics of our phone, but anyway, we will run out of battery due to:

1- Screen. If we have the Auto-Brightness activated, it will automatically adapt the bright of our screen to the indoor and the outdoor light.

2- Camera. If we want to make use of augmented reality, we must turn on the camera, which will suppose a higher battery spending.

3- Signal of the network coverage. As the more stable it is, the less battery it will spend.

4- GPS. As we are using GPS during all the time we are playing, our smartphone won’t be able to enter standby mode, therefore it will be constantly spending battery.

And, What about you? Will you keep catching Pokémon in spite of its disadvantages? Leave your comments here!