Harry Potter GO, Basurikemon… many initiatives have emerged to take advantage of the fame and success of the famous augmented reality game. While some people hunt croquettes around Cádiz, others throw massive requests to adapt their favorite games to the mechanics of Pokemon GO. Keep reading to know them!


Behind this curious name there is a great initiative to raise awareness about the environment. Basurikemon aims to take care of our beaches by encouraging visitors to throw the objects they find into the trash.

You can hunt basurikemons as diverse as “Bolsachu” (plastic bag), “Pitillachu” (butt) or “Rattalata” (can), among others. Hunting basurikemons is very easy:

– Take a picture each time you find an objet thrown into the sand or the sea.
Upload the picture to the social networks with the hashtag #basurikemon.
Tag your friends and encourage them to hunt too.
– And the last and most important step: throw it where it should be, the trash.

This initiative has a website, wwww.basurikemon.com, where the users’ contributions are registered, helping to know which beaches have more accumulation of trash, as well as who are the most active users in hunting basurikemon.

Croquemon Gou

Who hasn’t heard of the famous game Croquemon Gou this summer? Yes, you read it right. A game made by the Official School of “Tapatólogos” of Cádiz, which encourages people to hunt the best croquette of all the bars and restaurants in Cádiz.

The game ended the 12 of August and it was about hunting the best croquette served in this city. How? It was very easy, you just needed to upload a picture of the croquette in the establishment where it was served. A professional jury chose the winner.

Harry Potter GO

What seems to be a crazy idea, can become a reality soon. And the thing is that as soon as Pokemon Go appeared, a fan called Ashtyn Hannon launched a massive requests to create Harry Potter Go. In a short time he got more than 40.000 signatures, catching the attention of Niantic, inventors of Pokemon Go.

There is no news jet, only that the company has acquired the rights just for the creation of the application. The game would try to make Hogwarts similar to the Pokestops, and also to make it possible to complete a mission system as well as interactive events. However, they can not promise anything else yet… Will it finally become a reality?

What do you think about these initiatives? Do you know any other? Share it with us in the comments!