Instagram or the social network to share photos and videos is becoming a great ally for companies. It has become their showcase 2.0 where to show much more than just the products. And the thing is that, their main aim is to raise their sales reaching more than 400 million users registered on this network. If you also want to excite your followers and to turn them into clients, Follow the following tips to sell on Instagram!

Show your products

Whether with photos or videos, but show the world what you sell. For that, we can follow the following tips:

1- Make sure that they have a good quality. What users like on instagram are cared and edited photos, with appropriate filters. Remember that the photos shown on your timeline are square, especially if you add some text in the image.
2- Do not show the product on a plain background. The pictures that show people using the product or service are a 32% more effective than those which do not show anyone. Moreover, this way it is more visual the product, how it looks like in the daily life, the size…
3- Make a responsible usage of the hashtags. Although you can add up to 30, the ideal is not to fill the text of the photo with unnecessary hashtags. The name of the product, the place where the picture was taken, the name of a contest… are some examples of words that can be used as hagstags.

Be transparent

The best way to create a community is to involve people in the back room of your business. How it is made, if you are going on vacation, the new emerging ideas… all of that helps to humanise the brand and to make it closer. Some ideas are:

1- Show the place where you work, your office, the rest area or the production room. Or if you move to a new place.
2- Share the team you work with : How they work, their rests, if there is any party like Christmass, Halloween…
3- New purchases of materials, machinery, equipment… or new team members.

However, these kind of pictures, which are more personal, should not be the most commonly shared content on Instagram, both to preserve your privacy and your team’s privacy, and to avoid overwhelming the user with information unrelated to the product itself.

Show the users who buy your products

Among the many options social media offers, one of the most used is to check other users’ opinions about the product we want to buy. So, if we add in our timeline photos of the users who have bought our product, we improve our reputation online.

Don’t forget the contests

The best way of publishing your new product is by running a contest. But try not to bother your community with difficult riffle in which they have to follow to many steps. The steps to run a successful contest are:

1- More than 15 days duration.
2- Creating a unique hashtag for the contest.
3- Writing contest rules and dissemination in all social networks or blogs. The clearer the mechanic is, the better contest will be.
4- Showing the way the winner has been chosen, to the extent possible.

Turn your Instagram into a online shop

To this aim, we introduce you two very intuitive and easy to use tools: Like2Buy and Chirpify.

Add the link of your Like2Buy account to your description on Instagram. Every time a user enter this link, he will find the same pictures as in your Instagram profile, but now, every time he clicks the picture, it will take him straightaway to buy the product. If there are different products on the same picture, it will give him the option of choosing the one he wants.

Chirpify makes the buying process easier, since it does not take the users to an external online shop. It uses PayPal, which will be opened every time the user enters the word “Buy” in the comments. But the user must have an account on Chirpify too.

Create catalogues

Finally, we will share the great idea Ikea had, of making Instagram into a catalogue for its new collection. How was it? Thanks to the tags where each user was a product. This way, from a symple picture, you could visit the “profiles” of the different products composing that image.

What do you think about these ideas? Will you put them into practice? Do not hesitate to leave your opinions and comments!