Internet of things (IoT) is a concept that refers to the relation between people and objects thanks to internet. Can you imagine that the heating in your home starts working before you arrive from work? Or that your fridge does the shopping list for you?

Although it may seem crazy, the internet of things came into our lives a long time ago, or don’t you know anyone who pays with contactless technology?

Its main aim is to ease the life of the users turning daily actions into easier actions. So, it will be also used by many stores to know exacling what they should offer you.

Sometimes, IoT and home automation are confused, Due to it is thought that the second one has been replaced by the first one, but it is not true. Internet of things includes the home automation. Home automation is the connection with the objects of a house. While internet of things extends to any field. A car that automatically brakes when it detects that your pulse slows down through your smartwatch, is an example of internet of things.

To better understand this concept we will see some examples of already created or developing inventions that use the IoT.


Momit is a thermostat to regulate the home temperature from the mobile phone, it learns the user’s habits and promises saving up to 30% on energy bills.

August Smart Locks

Smart Lock allows the user to open the door of his home by mobile phone. It also allows the entry of the people who have permission by the user. Moreover, it counts on other devices like the “August doorbell cam” to see who is at the door of your house from any part of your house. Or the “August Smart Keypad”, which is a security system that notifies who and when enter or leave your house.


This adorable bear is an universal remote control that controls all devices in the home with just the gesture of your hand. What characterises it is that it is able to convey emotions and gestures like sneezing or yawning. It is still in a crowfunding stage in the Indiegogo platform.


Much more than a smart alarm clock. You will receive a variety of information on your mobile phone thanks to a device placed on the pillow. It monitors the environmental conditions of your room, the best time to wake you up…

To finish and humorously, we leave you a list of inventions that are not true. Including a ring that publishes a posthumous message on social networks or a toilet that counts the number of visits and visitors it receives.

Internet of Things is a concept that is not definitive yet. Many people think that to be called IoT, objects must interact with each other without the presence of human beings. What do you think? Should we include these inventions as the Internet of Things?