Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress… If you work as a Community Manager in an agency, all of these terms will sound familiar to you. Communication and marketing managers spend hours in front of the computer looking after social networks, but this is not the only thing we work in. Post writing, reporting, competition research, creation of marketing plans, change of strategy… All these and many more are our competences.

Therefore, an important requirement of a CM is the management of different tools and technologies for the daily development of the activity. However, if we talk about tools we could name a probably endless list. As our intention is not to go crazy, we show you those tools we use daily to work in Ehidra, and which we consider essential.

Google Analytics

It controls what visitors of your website do, number of visits, percentage of new users, devices where the visits come from, channels… It is one of the best CM’s allies, since one of the keys to marketing is to measure. This tool is really useful for reporting to your customers. As well as to see what parts of your web you should optimize or improve.

Google WebMaster Tools

It is another essencial tool in the day to day of a network professional. In this case, WebMaster Tools is used to know which urls have already been indexed by Google, which haven’t, and the total number of indexed urls. In addition, the tool offers a list of keywords that your users used to find you, as your web is shown in Google results. This last function is really useful to know which keywords your website is positioned for.


When we talk about a tool to measure the optimization of your website both for SEO and for technical aspects, content, social network… we refers to MetricSpot. With this tool you will not only analyse your website, but you will also analyse your twitter account. We love this tool because its free version offers enough data for the daily work of a CM.

Facebook Analytics

If Twitter Analytics is the best ally for creating your reports regarding this social network, Facebook Analytics offers really useful information for the creation of reports regarding Facebook. With this tool you will know information like: the reach of your publications, number of likes, impressions…

Twitter Analytics

As we have said before, the most important action in marketing is to measure it to know what report it has had. If you have launched a promo, a campaign or a special publication on Twitter, it will be better to compare the data with this tool. Twitter Analytics offers a complete overview of the indicators to keep in mind when tweeting. So, you can know what impressions your tweet has caused, the % of interaction with it. In addition, it also makes a study of your followers, as for: if it has increased, interests, country of origin, gender…

Buffer or Hootsuite

If you are managing many different social media accounts, both Buffer and Hootsuite will undoubtedly become your best tools. In this case, despite they are very similar in terms of functionality, as they are made to programme content, we prefer Buffer. Its easy use makes it really simple to enter and to programme all the content in different networks. Moreover, in Buffer you can create a list with the most frequent times to publish, which makes the work even more agile, which is something really important for us.

Its free version only lets us have a social network account for each profile. To associate more profiles to the same account we would have to opt for the paid version.

Google Docs, Spreadsheet and Drive

Reporting, evaluations, document storage… All these tasks are also part of the day to day of a community manager. In addition, these documents are shared with team members, customers… thus they must be easy to share/send. So, we wanted to emphasise the google documents tool and spreadsheets, instead of the daily use of tools like, for example, open office. Because with them you can have all documents online, share, send, modify, save everything and access quickly from your email account.

In relation to Drive, it is also really useful for those who work with multiple documents. Especially when it comes to sharing a lot of content, for example, monthly reporting to customers. Moreover, Drive will be really useful if the file upload is not excessive. Otherwise, you will have to find another cloud storage tool with more capacity.