Raise your hand if you don’t have any important Christmas dinner this year! December is already here, which means multiple dinners and meals: with your colleagues, friends, high school mates… and of course, with your family! Which also implies the indecision about what present to buy for secret Santa, how to dress for christmas dinner… So today in eHidra we bring you the apps that will save your Christmas dinner! Read on if you want to know more about these applications.

The famous secret Santa

If during the preparation of your company dinner someone says “Why don’t we play secret Santa?”, with Secret Santa App it will be organized in just a few seconds. Enter the name and the email of every participant, design the message and send the emails. If you don’t want to download any App, you can also visit the following web: secretsantaorganizer.com.

Searching for a present

Don’t you know what to buy for your secret Santa? In Tiendeo you will find huge number of catalogues of thousands of stores divided by categories: perfumery, fashion… that can help you clarify your ideas. It is available for Android and IOS and it also has its own website tiendeo.com.

Cheering up the party

In the ideal case, everyone would leave the mobile phone aside and would enjoy with the company of their friends or family. But if the party becomes boring at some point, it’s time to play some games! Although there are plenty of games to choose, we leave you two of them: Heads Up and Bomba drink.

Heads Up, juego para animar la fiestaImagen Google Play

Whith Heads Up you will have to guess which word is showing your phone while you are holding it on your forehead. To gess it, your friends will give you some clues by miming. In Bomba Drink participants will have to answer some questions within a countdown. Whoever doesn’t answer correctly and the bomb explodes, must drink a shot.

Time to go home

If you want to leave the party and you don’t know what to say to escape from there, your application is called KnockToCall: A call at the right time to leave the party without seeming a little rude. You can program a false call for any hour or activate it at the moment with a light touch. Another perfect application is Excuses!. It offers thousands of excuses divided into useful categories for most of the situations. These two applications are just available for IOS.

In case we drink more alcohol than recommended

On Second Thought makes it difficult to send a wrong whatsapp to your ex or to any other contact when you have drunk more than recommended. This tool allows you to program a waiting period before you send the message, in case you want to delete or to edit it. It can also directly block the contacts you prefer not to interact with.

And if the problem is that we wake up with a big hangover, Yoga Hangover Relief will help us to relieve it thanks to gentle yoga exercises.

What do you think about these applications? Do you know any others? Don’t hesitate to leave your comments and opinions!