Crossbox, alto rendimiento is a sport center with a wide range of sporting activities adapted to all needs. From collective activities such as yoga, pilates or zumba, to high performance workouts similar to “Crossfit”, and a fully equipped fitness room. Crossbox, located just five minutes from the town center, has 500 square meters of space distributed in two large rooms (Boxes) with all the necessary equipment for each type of training.

In the Box 1 you can train your strength and resistance thanks to the high performance training based on “CrossFit”. It a functional training where gymnastics, weightlifting and body workouts made with somedody’s own body weigh are combined. The “coaches” program a new workout routine everyday, to gradually train all the body in order to get great results.

The Box 2 has a wide space for the group activities, where you can practise Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Hard Training, GAP and Cardiobox. These activities are practised in groups and guided by a monitor who will advise you according to your needs, so that you enjoy training, improve your health and get the body you want. In this box you will also find a fitness room with workout routines and personal trainings.

What has eHidra contributed to CrossBox, Alto Rendimiento?

From eHidra we have worked hard to create a website tailored to our clients’ needs, from scratch. A simple but functional corporate website, with the most relevant information for their partners. Its tab includes: startup, activities, facilities, schedules, gallery, blog and contact. Apart from that, we have included a ranking tool, available for all the Crossbox’s partners, for them to register their daily records, to cheeck who has been the first on the marker and also to check their own improvements. Next, we break down some of the features of the CrossBox website:

  • Installation of WordPress, as well as the chosen theme (Avada).
  • Responsive.
  • Installation of the fifferent plugins.
  • Template customization.
  • Optimization of images and SEO of the web.
  • Content creation for the websites.

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