Project Description

With more than 10 years of life and hundreds of thousands of users, Petrol Prices is the biggest fuel prices comparison service in the United Kingdom. Its success lies in the fact that the price of the fuel in the United Kingdom, is not published in any official bulletin, unlike Spain.
Fubra Limited devised a way to keep all its users informed thanks to a daily updated database containing the data and prices of the different types of fuels in the main stations of the country.

What else does Petrol Prices offer?

Much more than the updated prices of fuel types, such as:

  • Information about parking, rentals, maintenance…
  • Guides of the different UK insurance providers and price comparison, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Information about oil suppliers, process transformation and the future of this industry.
  • It’s a project committed to the environment: Petrol Prices offers advice on polluting less, green cars as an alternative to traditional cars and information on renewable energy.

Reconstruction of Petrol Prices from scratch

As we said earlier, Petrol Prices has more than ten years old, around three million users and a community eager for updates. Therefore, after a previous analysis and five months of uninterrupted work, thanks to eHidra it has a new image both inside and out.

Among the new improvements, we can find: a CentOS server, the installation of the PageSpeed package or the use of WordPress for the website that interacts with the user.

However all the heavy work has fallen on the management platform, which updates the prices, contains important data and transmits all the information through the API to both the web and mobile applications. Thus it has been decided to use an installation of Zend Framework 2 and Doctrine 2.