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eHidra was born when his founder, Carlos Morillo, decided to return to Spain after spending some years working in the United Kingdom. The knowledge acquired combined with his professionalism supposed that Fubra, the company where he had been working, still needed his services. In this way, professional relationships were established between both parts and they still continue to this day.

eHidra’s clients and projects rose over time, being necessary to increase the number of professionals until our current team was finally formed. Our communication and web development strategies are tailored to each of our clients’ needs, who receive personalized attention from our professionals. They are always willing to solve any problem they are presented with. Nowadays, eHidra is carrying out his own project named Alquila-Coche, which is a rental car comparison service aiming to help users to find the car that best suits their needs. Ehidra also keeps working on the development of new projects.

New Headquarters at Calle Aguilar

We open our new office

Meeting room

Meeting room

Working room

Working room

Our Services


Web Development

We develop websites both for the Internet or an intranet.

Cloud Development Experts

We use the most powerful and safest servers.

Digital Marketing

We are experts on SEO, Social Media Marketing oriented to SEO, as well as on Content Marketing.


We use PHP and MSQL Technology together with different frameworks such as Zend Framework, Doctrine or WordPress.


We always offer the best optimization services. Our designs can be displayed on most devices and browsers.

Technological Advice

Advising Services on different fields: data bases, hosting, domains, programmes…


Companies who trust us.

Clear Books
Petrol Prices Limited
Fubra Limited

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

Mark Twain

Our Projects

Residencial Villa Mercedes
Fuente Álamo
Social Media Marketing
Clear Books
Car Hire Centre
Link DB
Airport Parking Shop
Alquila Coche
World Airport Codes
Petrol Prices

Meet the team

Manuel Gallego Vela

Manuel Gallego Vela

Desarrollador Web

Lourdes Ortiz García

Lourdes Ortiz García


Jorge Serrano Martín

Jorge Serrano Martín

Web Developer

Sonia Estepa Tabares

Sonia Estepa Tabares

Online Marketing

Anabel Almeda Gálvez

Anabel Almeda Gálvez

Web Developer

Nuria Arjona Moral

Nuria Arjona Moral


Carlos Morillo Merino

Carlos Morillo Merino


David Delgado Galisteo

David Delgado Galisteo

Web Developer

David Molina Cabello

David Molina Cabello

Web Developer

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Continuous professional development

Nowadays, eHidra is constantly growing and there are many projects we are working on. Therefore, we would like to know about your for future opportunities. In eHidra, we are committed to people. We offer the opportunity of working in an office with a pleasant working atmosphere and a range of varied projects which allows continuous professional development


Join eHidra!

Ability to adapt to change, initiative, training and team working are our key principles. Some of the profiles we are looking for are:

Web developers.As we are a technology-oriented company, we are looking for people with knowledge on web technologies, PHP, MySql, CSS, JS and of course, eagerness to learn.

App developers. In this mobile world, app developers are becoming more and more necessary. We are looking for professionals having knowledge/experience in iOs and Android.

Web designers. Do you believe that your designs are the best ones? Send us your portfolio. We will be glad to see how good you are.

Marketing & Sales. Knowledge on SEO, SEM, Link Building, Social Media and Google Analytics are essential.

If you fit any of these profiles and want to grow in and develop your professional career, please don’t hesitate to send us an email including your CV and a motivation letter to

15 websites to pass time in summer afternoons

Now that summer is here, we get excited with all the plans we have been making: travelling, beach, meeting friends… But then reality isn’t as similar to our plans as we expected. Due to high temperatures, we stay at home and spend summer afternoons without knowing what to do.

eHidra wants to help you enjoy summer afternoons so we have made a selection of best websites to…

To read, discover new series…during summer afternoons

If you have a Kindle, then you are in luck because Amazon offers many free Kindle books. Also, you can find novels, essays, tales…to download for free at La Casa del Libro.

Although Planeta Libro isn’t so popular, it is also quite interesting. This library contains over 9,000 public domain works to read in mobile phones, tablets or ebook readers. If you wish to discover new books, unknown authors share their works for free in Literanda.

If you have grown sick and tired of the same series, films, music, books…. then Tastekid will recommend you what to read or watch depending on your interests. Do you like Walking Dead? It won’t only provide related series, but also films, videogames and even music.

To discover curious facts

Do you know why your dog misses you when you are away? Why do you have to have the window blinds on planes up during take-off? The Internet is full of wonderful answers and stories and many websites compile this kind of information. These sites use catchy titles and easy-to-read, short stories to get you hooked. Sabías un dato and Batanga are some examples.

To have a good time

Viral videos, witty tweets, killingly funny stories, gifs, memes… There are numerous websites gathering the funniest stuff online. Cuánto Cabrón, Visto en las Redes and Tiene Wasa are among the most popular websites in Spain.

To get scared

To get frozen without turning the air conditioner on, you can check out those websites gathering paranormal stories, inexplicable phenomena and conspiracy theories. Despite the fact that many of them include fake stories, we can still find sites that take it seriously. Planeta Incógnito and Ufopolis are the most serious we have found.

To play games

Do you feel lazy to play WoW or LoL? Do you hate games which force to pass level after level to win? If you just want to have a good time, there are many websites gathering a huge range of online minigames. and are two examples. And if you miss the Classic Nokia Snake Game, don’t miss Slither. Slither is a multiplayer game where you have to kill other snakes to become the best player.

What do you think about this selection? Can you recommend us other websites to pass summer afternoons? Leave us a comment!

Stress in the Digital Era: “Technostress”

ICTs have changed our lifestyle. For most people, it is unconceivable to live without a mobile phone to unlock every 5 minutes to check Whatsapp messages or to take pictures to be instantly sent to our contacts. But we should wonder whether this unstoppable technological progress only brings benefits or related problems such as technostress may undermine society too.

The labour market is one of the spheres which have been significantly affected by new technologies. Employees are directly affected because they are subjected to an exhausting use of ICTs. As a result, they become the perfect aim of technostress, already known as the digital era new psychopathology.

Technostress: This new type of work-related stress which emerges as a result of new technologies. It could be defined as the inability to make a proper, beneficial use of ICTs.

Technostress is already ranking high among occupational risks. Symptoms experienced are fatigue (technofatigue), insomnia or depression, technology rejection episodes (technoanxiety) or, on the contrary, impulsive, excessive use of them (technoaddiction).

But, how can we avoid that ICTs become a source of discomfort and constant irritability? First of all, companies should enhance employees’ role and set aside the use of ICTs. In this way, employees would be the ones making use of technology, and not the other way around. Also, it is essential to allow employees to take longer breaks. Enjoying moments of rest will increase productivity and become a significant protection factor. Finally, it has to be pointed out that relaxation techniques help reduce tension caused during an intense working day, as well as relax our body and mind.

Under these circumstances, it can be said that an awareness process seems to be necessary. It should be based in suggesting measures to prevent this type of work stress and place employees’ welfare before anything else.

If you have found this post interesting and you have recognised some of the previously mentioned symptoms, we invite you check our online shop. Here you can find a Workshop on Technostress Preventive Techniques. It will be really useful whether you are currently working or unemployed.

Release of Yoast SEO 3.3: New features

Since Google algorithm is constantly changing, community managers responsible for creating content are forced to adapt parameters and keep learning how to improve content and SEO. To help them do so, there are plugins such as Yoast SEO which make optimised content creation easier. Yoast SEO 3.3 new update includes new useful features. Do you want to discover them?

The most significant upgrade is content analysis. This change entails a challenge for users, who must create higher quality content. Therefore, you can find the content tab next to the optimization tab. Apart from making you aware of the mistakes you have made, Yoast SEO will advise you on how to improve your content.

What does Yoast SEO 3.3 assess?

  • Sentence length: the shorter the sentence, the better.
  • Paragraphs length: clearly defined paragraphs.
  • Subheading use: at least once.
  • Passive voice use: Advisable
  • Transition words use (besides, because, in other words…)
  • Readability: readable format

Additionally, Yoast SEO also includes a notification tab showing information on your site SEO. In this tab, you will also discover how to improve your site and solve problems. For sure, this tab will become one of your best allies.

By learning how to create quality content counting on the assistance of Yoast SEO, you will also manage to create readable content meeting Google SEO specifications.

So go for it, update Yoast SEO, follow its recommendations and join the challenge of creating quality content!