Project Description

ClearBooks is an Online Accounting program aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, accountants or freelancers who want to do the accounting in a faster, easier and safer way. This online accounting software was founded in 2008 in UK, it has been extended to the Netherlands and now it wants to conquer Spanish entrepreneurs with the Spanish version of the tool.

Advantages of ClearBooks compared to other similar tools

The most important advantage is that thanks to its intuitive interface and its multiple automated actions, Clearbooks eases accounting. In addition, it offers management sections of payrolls, vacations…

Customer Service is another strong point. They offer numerous ways to solve the users’ doubts, such as the list of frequently asked questions, numerous explanatory guides. It also have a community where queries can be solved by both ClearBooks staff and other users…

Last but not least, it offers a quite affordable subscription, which ranges from £7 – £16 depending on the chosen plan.

What has eHidra contributed to ClearBooks?

During all this time, our developers team has worked to adapt this tool to Spanish accounting standards, while the marketing team has been in charge of refining the website, by creating content as well as creating Social Networks and their maintenance.